Saturday, July 14, 2012


We have received lots of questions about the logistics of our trip. Such as:

 How do we keep our phones charged? Everywhere we stop we plant ourselves next to electric outlets and charge.

 Who is making which post? If it has a photo then it is Cathy. Since I have a behind the times blackberry I cannot post photos.

 Whose knee hurts? Cathy's. Much to Cathy's disgust, even though older I have been injury free while she has struggled with sore knees, and stomach flu.

 Did I get the stomach flu too? No, although both Tom and Cathy succumbed,Tom back at home and Cathy at camp. I never had a problem.

 Why don't our missions and numbers match the original plan? Naively, I planned a simple north to south approach. This plan changed the day we rode across the coastal range. Our original route would have had us cross the range 4 times! Instead we went from Santa Cruz to Carmel rather then inland to San Juan Bautista.

 Will we make it to all 21 missions? We chose to bypass the 2 in Los Angeles. The traffic and lack of time due the flu-enforced 4 days of no riding meant we had to skip something. Our current plan is that next week-end we will drive into LA and visit the last two missions.

 What is our favorite mission? Impossible to say: San Francisco has the most beautiful chapel, San Juan Bautista is in the sweetest community, San Juan Capistrano does ruins and provides an entertaining history, Purisima feels the most authentic. The only way to answer this question is visit all of them yourself!

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