Monday, July 9, 2012

Mission number 14! Mom and I have been riding four days straight up hills with full packs, I am pretty proud of us!


  1. Good job!!!! Keep up the good work!! X)

  2. *For the readers: I was asked by Cathy to post a comment on showing how to comment, however I was out of town for the past week and wasn't to do so. (Sorry if i'm of no help, i was barely able to do it myself. But here goes nothing)
    So the way i did it was by clicking on the link that said "no comment(s)" or if there is a comment then: "# comment(s)" that is under the picture or description given by Laurie and/or Cathy. By doing so it will take you to a page where it should give you the option of posting, so type in what you wish to say and below that it says: "comment as: 'select profile'". I personally used my gmail account but there are other sources listed such as: live journal, wordpress, typepad, aim, and openID. From one of those account you should follow the steps it instructs you to do so, which should just be signing in and accepting there terms and conditions. once its done it might have you try to edit your account so you can have to your liking but its easy to just leave it at the basics since its only for commenting. So go back to and you should be signed in and free to comment.
    If you have non of those accounts then there is an openID option which should allow you to use any form of e-mail. or something.. Or when I did it before by clicking on google it said i could make a limited blogger account, so maybe you wouldnt need one of those and would be able to just make one. Also by clicking the sign in button at the top of the page i fshould offer you the option of either signing in or creating a blogger account which should allow you to comment. So you can try that as well.
    I hope this works!! Sorry if I didn't help..I tried though, and now you have to =P