Sunday, July 15, 2012

Final Day and Thoughts

The trip is finished. As Cat said "Mission accomplished." Last day highlights included 42 mostly coastal miles and the Torrey Pines hill (hear the drum roll?). We rode the steeper hill thru the park, full gear without stopping. My haven't we improved since Cat's first training ride when she collapsed gasping after a half mile and 20 foot elevation gain?

 We arrived at the San Diego mission during the "Festival of the Bells", their celebration of the 243rd year since the founding of the 1st California mission. How appropriate.

 We even found T-shirts with our favorite Father Serra quote: "Always go forward, never turn back." This has been our mantra when bike lanes ended, paved roads suddenly became dirt tracks, hills appeared as we rounded the corner, we took wrong turns and climbed unnecessary hills, suffered through the stomach flu, sore knees, painful wrists....and so on. Our philosophy thanks to Junipero: Always go forward!

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