Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beach Therapy

Leaving Solvang yesterday morning was tough. Someone had filled the air with invisible molasses which made cycling 5x harder than usual. After buying food and water, and stopping for one last pastry fix we still managed to leave town before 10. We rode south on a small country road (Alisal) for 7.2 miles. Tree-lined,little traffic and an unrelenting 7 mile climb which took about 2 houts. At the top sat a county park, perfect for a lunch/collapse and filling up water bottles. Then back on highway 101 for a 1 mile 6% grade hill in the first heat of our trip, but the other side of the hill was 2 miles of downhill and cool ocean breezes. We arrived at Refugio campground by 3 and indulged in a snooze on the hot sand. Nirvana, hot sand conforming to all those tired muscles. In our beach front site, we slept under the stars, while listening to the wave lullaby.

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